Thanks to everyone for a great Treasure Hunt!!


Friday April 15, 2016

Go hunt for the treasure in public you’ll be;
Don’t dig or destroy – it’s easy to see.
Be cautious, respectful of all property;
And soon the winner of $1,500 you will be.


Saturday April 16, 2016

The treasure is static, but it still gets around;
To find its location you must study the ground.
From Orleans to Natchitoches and Claiborne as well;
Where the treasure now sits only time can tell.


Sunday April 17, 2016

Louisiana was purchased as one big plot;
For fifteen million it was land that we got.
When the plot was divided parishes appeared from thin air;
But for Red River siblings the elder is heir.


Monday April 18, 2016

867 is lots of land squared;
Some is developed and some still lays bared.
It’s not in the water, it’s not in the land;
It’s right out in public where you can reach with your hand.


Tuesday April 19, 2016

Some houses go up and are quickly brought down;
While other homes last and help define the town.
And whether the structure is still in its place;
The treasure is near, safe in its space.